About Me

Univeral Life Church Minister

I received my ordination in June 2017 after hearing that same-sex couples were still having a difficult time finding ministers who would officiate their marriage ceremony.  I wanted to help ALL couples marry the person they love  - and that's how it all  began! 

I am non-judgemental and non-denominational.   I have performed all types of weddings: religious, non-religious, earth-based, renaissance themed, halloween themed -- even zombie themed!  Surprise weddings are also a new trend and one of my favorite!

Each ceremony is personalized and is focused on the couple and their unique relationship and love for one another.

South Carolina Notary Public

I am a South Carolina Notary Public and legally authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in the state. 


I believe in LOVE -  it's is the most powerful energy in our Universe and it should be celebrated everywhere it is found!

LGBT Friendly and proudly officiating Same-Sex Weddings in South Carolina 

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